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Oh yes, the joys of the new GDPR. And oh, how we’re all either bored to the teeth with it all or completely frazzled from the stress of it all. In short, this is it:

Here at Sunshine And Laughter I, quite frankly, don’t have the time or inclination to do anything immoral or criminal with your data. In fact, I’m pretty boring on the admin front. Your information comes in, I note it and file it. I might draw smiley faces on it. Oh, such an exciting life I lead. This is why I need the laughter!

My website uses cookies. What are cookies? It’s those chewy biscuits you find in various shops often with chocolate chips.
And if you want to be deleted – forgotten in this crazy world we call Laughter Yoga here at Sunshine And Laughter (Why? Do you not like laughing?) then just tell me. I might have a sulk but then I’ll have a chuckle. After all, I got to hear your crazy laughter and I can’t delete that from my mind.
If you really feel the need to read the whole policy – why? Have you nothing better to do?
If you manage to read it all the way through without falling asleep, losing the will or deciding that you’d rather sit in a bath of rotting baked beans then give yourself a pat on the back, share a high-5 with the person next to you or have a good ol’ chuckle to release the boredom. Perhaps you can celebrate in real style by running naked down the street whilst cheering triumphantly? People will understand….
Photos of your celebrations welcome.
Good luck. May the joy be with you. x

On a more serious note for all information regarding our Privacy Policy and Data Protection in accordance with GDPR please read this document carefully. I will need confirmation that you’ve read it (if you’re still awake) prior to any booking.

Our Privacy Policy



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