Marsden and Milnsbridge Meditation

Meditation classes at Marsden Mechanics resumes Monday 5th October 2020!

Yes, a real, indoor, in-person meditation with chairs and all!
There are inevitable changes that we have been required to make to enable these sessions to resume.
The meditation will move from drop-in to booking only to ensure the room is not full to over capacity – I want you all to feel comfortably safe.
Please message or email me if you would like to book.
I will be running at a capacity of 8 attendees plus myself to allow for the minimal physical distancing required.
My Covid Policy can be read here (link below) and I will send you a copy when you request to book – please take a read of it before you book to ensure you are comfortable with these new procedures.

Sadly we can’t share hugs at the end of our meditation but we can share thanks, smiles, love and cheerios (not the food kind haha).
It’ll be so good to meditate together, in person again.
I’m so looking forward to welcoming you all back with open arms – from a distance of course! 
Please head on over to the new event page https://www.facebook.com/events/285198012519811/

Meditation at the Parochial Hall in Marsden and the Vitality Centre in Milnsbridge are currently still on pause but I’m putting in place a weekly online meditation class shortly.

I’m also delivering ad-hoc meditation sessions via Zoom and Nature Meditations so keep a look out for those.

Monday mornings at Marsden Mechanics (Library) on Peel Street 9.30 – 10.15am – Booking required.

Thursday mornings at Vitality on Manchester Road in Milnsbridge 9.30 – 10.15am – paused.

Friday evenings at Marsden Parochial Hall 7.30 – 8.15pm – paused.

These Meditation Classes are suitable for all – beginners and seasoned meditators alike.

We will practice a variety of meditations and breathwork to promote deep relaxation for mind, body and heart.

Meditation is such a wonderful tool for reducing stress, promoting our own well-being and bringing clarity to our lives but most of all it is a wonderful process of getting to know ourselves deeper. It is great to practice meditation on our own but there’s a special magic when we practice as a group. Here are just a few reasons why meditating as a group is beneficial:

It can help provide the necessary encouragement to develop a regular and consistent practice.

There is someone there who can answer any questions that you might have or difficulties that you might be experiencing.

Practising as a group will not only deepen our experience but also creates a more profound and powerful experience both personally and socially.

And last but not least nothing can beat that face to face physical connection of being in the presence of others and sharing an experience. By tapping into the same silence and source of peace at the same time we create a real connection with others in the group and also to the world as a whole – a peace of being at one with everyone and everything.

In Marsden you can choose to sit on a chair, on a cushion or zafu, or lay on the floor whichever meditation position suits you most and that might change from week to week and in Milnsbridge there will only be a couple of chairs available. Please bring a cushion or blanket should you decide to sit or lay on the floor.

Sessions cost £6 per person or £30 for a block of 6 consecutive sessions payable on the day. The class starts promptly and due to the nature of the session we cannot admit late arrivals. 

I’m also available for 1:1 Meditation sessions at The Well Rooms In Marsden if you are unable to attend a group session. My current fee is £25 per hour.

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