Corporate Laughter Workshops

download2Laughter is a powerful tool helping business people reduce workplace stress and creates a happy and energetic workforce.

BBC and Google Offices are using it, Oprah Winfrey has tried and said it works, British actor John Cleese endorsed it. This innovative concept has been widely accepted all over the world and has been written about in prestigious publications like TIME Magazine, The New Yorker, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, Daily Telegraph, The Independent and many others. It is used by councils and for staff use within the NHS.

So what benefits might you find by bringing more laughter to your workplace?

Laughter increases the levels of oxygen in the blood and this in turn oxygenates each and every cell of the body and brain. This improves efficiency, mental focus and concentration.

The number one cause of workplace absence, apathy and higher staff turnover is stress so it makes perfect sense to tackle stress head on. Laughter reduces stress by lowering the levels of cortisol in the body and the benefits can be felt after just one session.

Laughter and playfulness has the power to change the mood state within minutes by releasing neuro-peptides from the brain cells called endorphins. Laughter Yoga increases the net supply of oxygen which helps in optimal performance and boosts energy levels.

When people laugh together it breaks down barriers so sharing a good belly laugh works as a team building exercise and improves communication.

The playfulness stimulates the right brain activity, which is the seat of creativity. This helps generate new ideas and new insights about workplace issues and problems. As one needs to introduce new ideas and constant innovation to stay ahead in this highly competitive market, Laughter Yoga helps people become more creative and innovative.

The enerho ho hogising powers of Nancy’s Laughter Workshops can  help to increase the attention span, enhance learning skills, concentration powers and potential.

The release of endorphins and serotonin boosts the immune system thus creating a more healthy workforce who have fewer days off due to illness which obviously equals more productivity.

Most importantly, if you create a happy, enjoyable and supportive work environment people will love coming to work for you and, not only will they stay for the long term,  they’ll also feel much more receptive to making it a great business!

9 Benefits Of Having Happy Employees

Bring a Laughter Workshop to your conferences too. Get that conference off to a motivating, unique start or as a filler in between speakers which can re-energise the audience.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


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