Laughter Party!

All of my workshops are fully accessible via video conferencing such as zoom so no need to cancel those celebrations.

Fun and laughter is what parties are all about so why not bring a Blast Of Laughter to get your party off to a hilarious start?

We offer packages for hen parties, wedding parties, birthday, Christmas or any other occasion where we bring a tailored session of Laughter Yoga to you and your guests.

Laughter Workshops for Hen Parties helps to relieve the stress of the big day ahead whilst bringing smiles and giggles to your faces with girly bonding, playfulness and hilarity.

Or how about introducing laughter and play at a Wedding Party. It’s great bringing something different to the celebrations and getting families laughing together.

You can include a Laughter Workshop at Christmas and New Year celebrations with hug-offs too – well maybe not during a pandemic haha!

Outdoors or indoor workshops for all occasions.

Gone are the days of of the party fuelled by alcohol – this one is fuelled by laughter and a big dose of silliness.
Maybe give it a theme too?

Get the party started with laughter, break the ice, liven up those chuckle muscles and relieve the days/years stresses all in one. And the techniques used in these workshops will leave you and your group beaming and giggling from the inside out.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your ideas or for any enquiries.

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