Laughter Yoga Leader Training

If you would like to register your interest and get your name on the list for one of the training courses please get in touch.

Places are limited on my courses as I aim to keep the groups small and personal.

So what is different about my training compared to others? Well, I run my training as a retreat so you get more time and more of my personal experiences.  We completely immerse ourselves, it’s intensive and I get to share more of myself, lots of tips and, as well as all the training as laid out by Laughter Yoga International, I share with you additional techniques and ideas to help set you up in your own Laughter Yoga journey. I also allow time to just be – that’s incredibly important too.

DSCN5307Are you looking at getting more intimate with laughter and curious as to how laughter works for our well-being?

Here’s some feedback from previous Laughter Yoga training run by Nancy –
“Thank you for a transformative and wonderful course – you are lovely.”
“You are simply an amazing teacher…warm, giving, joyful. Thank you so much for this wonderful weekend and for giving me this brilliant technique for spreading joy to the world! I feel as though I’ve found something that I can simply be myself while spreading the love – priceless.”
“You are such a gentle soul – completely non-judgemental and humble.”
“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I have learnt a lot and laughed so much – great course. I hope to do more with this – so glad I came.”
And after just the first day of training this feedback was priceless:
“One of the most joy-filled days I’ve EVER had!” 

Laughter Yoga Basic Skills

Course Objectives:

You Will Know Laughter- You will get in depth knowledge about
laughter and the philosophy of Laughter Yoga – how and why it works, as well
as the immeasurable benefits it provides for body-mind wellness.

You Will Learn To Do Laughter- Knowledge alone is not enough. You
have to actually do laughter to experience the benefits. Once your body gets the intelligence of unconditional laughter, you can even laugh all by yourself anytime, anywhere.

You Will Learn To Live Laughter- Laughter is not just about learning
and doing Laughter Yoga – it is about living it. Therefore, it is essential
to bring happiness to others in order to find yourself happy. With
our experience with Laughter Yoga worldwide, we found that once
people start laughing on a regular basis, it automatically brings
attitudinal changes in their behavior. They become more loving,
caring and forgiving. Not only do they laugh in the laughter session;
they carry the spirit of laughter throughout the day.

Course includes:

An e-manual

Lots of fun and a wonderful connection to yourself.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Course Objectives:

The Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training is an intensive training course and offers a deeper immersion into laughter and Laughter Yoga than the Laughter Yoga Basic Training.

It will cover why we need more laughter in our lives and the principle of Laughter Yoga.

The history behind the Laughter Yoga movement.

What laughter Yoga is and how it differs from normal laughter.

The benefits of Laughter Yoga.

How to organise and facilitate a Laughter Yoga session and start your own laughter club. With this you will get the opportunity to practise presenting a session in front of a group of people.

Have enormous fun and enjoyment with laughter, playing and breathing!

Course includes:

An e-manual

A certificate which will enable you to obtain appropriate insurance to facilitate your own Laughter work.

Ongoing support.

I can come to your organisation to facilitate either of these training courses or if you have a group anywhere in the UK that would like to undertake either of these training days I can come to your venue.

I also offer one to one training at a time and date to suit you. 

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training. – £249.95 (£199.95 early bird) non residential 2 day course.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Retreat 

Come and stay in Yorkshire and get Certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader at the same time!
This is going to be a super special Certified Laughter Yoga Training Retreat in a beautiful and idyllic setting..
Not only will you leave this awesome retreat as a newly qualified Certified Laughter Yoga Leader but you will also have the opportunity to relax, enjoy some local, mindful walks and eat some wholesome plant based meals.
We will immerse ourselves in connection with ourselves and each other whilst also enjoying time out to just be.
If you’re looking to bring more laughter and connection to your own life and to the lives of others then this is a fantastic opportunity.
Laughter, playing, breathing, meditation, walking, connection, peace – what more can I say.

Places are limited so you will need to book early to ensure your place.

Arrival – between 5-6pm

Leave Sunday 5.30pm.
(If you are travelling long distance there is an opportunity to stay overnight Sunday through to Monday morning but must leave no later than 9.30am Monday. There will be a small additional fee for this. Please contact me for details.)

Course Objectives:

The course will cover everything specified in the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training above plus more besides.

There will be more time to immerse ourselves in laughter and connection and allow time to share more of my laughter experiences with you to help you on your way. More time to discuss techniques and how to share your laughter with different groups.

Course includes:

A Laughter Yoga Leader e-manual

A certificate which will enable you to obtain appropriate insurance to facilitate your own Laughter Club or bring Laughter Yoga into your place of work.

Some useful paperwork i.e forms, meditations, laughter research.

Ongoing support.

Your chance to learn a powerful well-being technique that has the potential to change your life and the lives of others.

Investment – £389.95 (£349.95 early bird)
Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

More dates coming soon! To add your name to the list for the next course please get in touch.

Please contact Nancy at nancynudds@gmail.com or on 07708069045 to book your place or for further information.

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