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On BBC Radio Leeds

Sunshine And Laughter on BBC Radio Leeds today talking about happiness and laughter. They phoned me just 5 minutes beforehand so that gave me a short time to flap around like lunatic and put my head down the back of the sofa. 😂 I’m like a rabbit in headlights when interviewed. 😳🤣👁👁🐰 I think we all, perhaps, … Continue reading

Laughter Yoga Leader Training West Yorkshire

What is all this Laughter Yoga malarkey? Well, for me, it’s moving, breathing, smiling, laughing, playing. Where we change our body chemistry and bring us into the now. Where we learn to cultivate and harness the power of laughter. And whilst we’re cultivating and harnessing, chuckling and chortling we are changing our physiology and psychology. … Continue reading

“Laughing to the Future”

Some people may be a little sceptical of what we do as laughter facilitators, leaders, teachers and therapists etc but laughter really is incredibly powerful. Here is a fantastic TEDx talk on laughter, how it works, how it benefits us and the many different groups that it can be applied to. It also has some … Continue reading

How Laughter Works

The Laughing Man

Merv Neal’s experience with illness and Laughter Yoga.

How Laughter Works