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Laughter Cafe Online

Laughter Cafe Online.
Gran a cuppa, share 10-15 minutes of laughter and play followed by 10-15 minutes of guided meditation.
A perfect way to start the day.
I may play with the days/times to see which suits best – happy to see what evolves.
This is not traditional Laughter Yoga with laughter exercises but more encompasses my fluid style of facilitation.

At the beginning of the session I will take you through some gentle and joyful breathing exercises to warm us up and then I will introduce this weeks scenario. The scenario is intended to get us into a playful spirit and we will then simply allow the laughter and playfulness to ebb and flow. No forcing or coercing with exercises or jokes.
After around 10 – 15 minutes I will guide you into a meditation to ground you.
The only rule is once the session starts there will be no talking. Time will be allocated at the end of the session to chat and, if you wish, share your experience.
Laughter not only lifts our mood but it also supports our immune system and is a great self care practice.
Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety or simply would like to inject a little more joy into your day you’ll find laughter is a little life hack. It slows down the production of cortisol associated with anxiety and stress and provides the right environment within our body to release four amazing neurochemicals namely – endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine and seratonin.
I intend for this offering to be as free flowing and authentic as possible.
This is an opportunity for you to explore your relationship with laughter and playfulness and notice how it feels.

These sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities and no previous experience is necessary – just an openness to the experience. The scenarios presented may include triggers for you. You are free to leave the session at any time or simply play with your trigger leaning in to how it feels.

Why not invite others to laugh and play too?

Here is the link t join the session:

Topic: Laughter Cafe
Time: Aug 25, 2020 10:00 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 763 6727 8713
Passcode: chuckle

A little about me:
I live in Marsden near Huddersfiled. I’m a Laughter Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, End of Life Doula and a Cuddle Therapist.
As an End of Life Doula I’m acutely aware of the importance in finding moments of joy where we can.

Like others I have found my livelihood deeply affected by covid-19.
If you find this offering beneficial and would like to make a heart-based donation you can do so through paypal.me/NancyNudds or via bank transfer.



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