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Cultivating Joy Meditation

I have been quiet these last few weeks.
There are several reasons for this.
Firstly, I have been completing my training as an End of Life Doula which has been intense at times. This is where I integrate all of my current skills – laughter, meditation and cuddle therapy and the key skills that it takes to provide these services to support those receiving end of life care.
Secondly, I’ve been using this opportunity to grow and develop. Exploring the way I work and how I can bring the best of myself and what I offer to you in this new, ever changing online environment.
It has taken me quite some time to get the sound quality right and I think it still requires some tweaks but here I offer you this 20 minute guided meditation practice for Cultivating Inner Joy.
If you are able to I suggest that my online meditations are best listened to through headphones.
I hope you enjoy it and find it of benefit.
I will upload more over the coming weeks.
Much love x
Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic my work has been hugely affected requiring me to shift to online offerings. In order for me to continue my current work my online public meditations are being offered on a heart-based donation basis. If you can afford to support my work a suggested donation of £6 per meditation would be greatly appreciated. Please make a donation as you are able here: paypal.me/sunshineandlaughter  
Many thanks x


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