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Time To Laugh – Hospice Laughter Workshop Training

grandma-2637457_1920A specialised training for those already certified in Laughter Yoga.


You don’t need to have any hospice experience but if you feel a calling to take your laughter, your smiles and loving energy to those experiencing end of life care, their families and hospice staff too then you could make an impact on a level that you never expected.

Time To Laugh is what I call my Hospice Laughter sessions. More on that later…..
In this unique training day in Manchester I bring together my hands on experiences of sharing laughter in 3 adult hospices in West Yorkshire (one of those fora year) and my previous work on the care team in 2 children’s hospices.
I’ve learnt so very much doing this valuable work and am keen to share as much as I can to better equip you with the skills and very importantly, the confidence to facilitate in this very specialised environment.
This is pure, heart-centred work.

It may not bring you great financial gain but it will most certainly bring a profoundness to your whole being. And what an incredible difference you would be making to people’s lives as they face the most challenging of all transitions.
This work is not so much about LY or laughing in the face of adversity – it’s more about accessing joy and seeking out moments and connection that make a day memorable for all the right reasons.
And there is no doubt that the skills and knowledge acquired on this training will be transferable to other groups that you facilitate AND your own life too. You’ll acquire new tools for your box and a new, gentle way of delivering that is audience appropriate.
This will be a full day running from 10am – 4.30pm.
Please note that this particular training is only for those who are already certified in Laughter Yoga as it’s vital that you already have background knowledge and skills in LY.

Some of the things covered in the training will be:
Group sharing circle on experience of hospices (note:experience is not a requirement)
Navigating contraindications.
How it differs from a standard LY class.
Approaching your local hospice.Stages following a terminal diagnosis and how this might present at a session.

How to tailor and guide a session to enable you to work using your current skillset, adapting/rethinking exercises, working with complete flexibility.
Self care.
The importance of presence, attentiveness and observation.
Practice session.
Group discussion on how this training will equip you with transferable skills.
Sharing circle/close.
This is not an exhaustive list. There will be so much more to it.
It’s a lot to cram into a day so it will be quite intense – fun yet moving.

Attendees will also have the offer of shadowing me for a session at Leeds Wheatfield’s Hospice in the following months.

Attendance at Wheatfield’s is not compulsory as I understand, for some people, it will not be logistically possible but I will continue to offer guidance for however long you need it for.
At the end of the day you will be presented with a Certificate of Completion.

Exchange for this training is £55. Concessions available.
Payment in full at time of booking.
This is amazing value for what I have put into this full day course! and is reduced to keep it as affordable as possible whilst also acknowledging that this will be the first time I have delivered it! Haha
To book please email me at nancynudds@gmail.com
Spaces limited to 15.

Parking available.
Please bring a packed lunch.
Tea and coffee provided.

If you’ve recently experienced a bereavement do get in touch with me first.

More here:

Time To Laugh – Hospice Laughter Workshop Training



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