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Research Paper – “The effect of laughter Yoga on general health among nursing students”

Any study into laughter and it’s benefits is useful regardless of results but this one is a cracker and is clear on it’s effectiveness for nursing students.

The full article can be found in this link –


As shown by the findings, laughter Yoga positively affected the general health of nursing students, which is almost consistent with the results of some studies. The findings of Nagendra et al. concerning the efficacy of laughter Yoga on IT professionals to overcome professional stress in India showed that there was a significant improvement in stress parameters including the level of blood cortisol.[] Shahidi et al., in their study comparing the effects of laughter Yoga and group sport program on the depressed elderly women, reported that laughter Yoga not only had positive effect similar to sport program on the reduction of depression but also imposed positive effects on the feeling of life satisfaction among the elderly women.[]

The findings of the above-mentioned study are in line with the positive effect of laughter Yoga on the dimensions of depression and social function in general health obtained in the present study. On the other hand, a study was conducted by Kong et al. to investigate the effects of a stress management program, based on meditation, on stress, anxiety, and depression of nursing students in Korea in 2006. Their results revealed a significant difference concerning the scores of stress and anxiety in the two groups after intervention, but the difference in depression scores after intervention in the two groups of study and control was not significant.[]”


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