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Therapeutic Laughter

Therapeutic laughter.
Getting out of our heads and into our bodies.
Letting go.
Letting go of seriousness.
Letting go of self judgements.
Letting go of inhibitions and ego.
Letting go of who we think we are.
Letting go of any conditioning we have had on how to conduct ourselves as adults.
Letting go of stresses if only for the time we are laughing.
Letting our playful side free. Our playful side that has been hiding, cooped up inside, lost or sometimes forgotten about as a result of the challenges we face, or just too self conscious to bring out. Our playful side that sometimes seeks permission to show itself.
Getting lost.

Lost in play.
Lost in the laughter.
Lost in the movement.
Lost in the deep connection to others.
Finding ourselves.
Finding ourselves in the laughter.
Finding ourselves in the playfulness.
Finding ourselves in the connection.
Finding ourselves in the movement.
Laughter can be a real catalyst for change.
A change in ourselves.
A change in how we respond to life’s challenges.
A change in our relationships.
A change that ripples to other peoples lives – people in our communities, people we talk to on the telephone, people we correspond with, everyone we engage with.
Smiling, moving, breathing, laughing, playing, connecting and sometimes crying.
Laughter and play turns off our stressful thoughts and our negative switch and turns on our reward switch and that is where the magic happens.
Never underestimate the power of laughter and play. 
Nancy x


One thought on “Therapeutic Laughter

  1. Absolutely amazing and brilliant post!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!


    Posted by Positively Alyssa | July 12, 2018, 2:25 am

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