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Laughter Yoga Leader Training Retreat!

What a fabulous weekend I had at Tyas Cottage near Huddersfield teaching students on the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training retreat. It was a beautiful time of not only training but sharing and caring. Wonderful friendships formed.

Running the training as a retreat enables me to not only train them to Laughter Yoga International standards but also allows me to get to know the trainees better.
I get time to share part of me and facilitate their personal connection to laughter and joyfulness whilst inspiring them to find a style unique to them as that is where the magic happens. Laughing with people, whether they are friends, family or strangers, connects us. These connections for me induce compassion and love. This is what the world needs most. 

Feedback included –
“Thank you for a transformative and wonderful course – you are lovely.”
“You are simply an amazing teacher…warm, giving, joyful. Thank you so much for this wonderful weekend and for giving me this brilliant technique for spreading joy to the world! I feel as though I’ve found something that I can simply be myself while spreading the love – priceless.”
“You are such a gentle soul – completely non-judgemental and humble.”
“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I have learnt a lot and laughed so much – great course. I hope to do more with this – so glad I came.”
And after just the first day of training this feedback was priceless:
“One of the most joy-filled days I’ve EVER had!” 

If this inspires you to train as a Laughter Yoga Leader then please get in touch and I’ll add you to the list for my next training retreat.

Here are some photos from this weekend:


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