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Happiness Hack

Shhh….listen. šŸ‘‚
Look around. Is there anybody listening? Looking over your shoulder? No?
Well, here goes.
I know a happiness hack……… aaaand, shhh, come closer…. it’s also a hack to improved well-being.
Are you sure you want to know?
‘Cos once you know it you can never look back. šŸ‘€
Oh, all right then – I’ll tell you but you must promise to share it far and wide. Can you do that?
Ok, ok.
Wait for it……DSCN5079
Hehehe hahaha hohoho
Have yo guessed yet? šŸ¤”
No need for something funny.
Just laugh!
Do you look silly? Perhaps
Do you care? Perhaps
Does it matter? No
Does it feel good? YES!!!
It changes your body chemistry and lifts your mood almost instantly.
Try it. šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜
I have a few other happiness hacks up my sleeve but my sleeves are a bit on the tight side today so as not to fill with wind and sail away. Will let them out soon……


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