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The Effects Of Stress And Laughter On The Brain.

Let’s talk about stress.  Do you know that chronic stress can damage brain structure and connectivity? I often mention stress and cortisol at my Laughter Workshops but we don’t really have enough time to cover the different types of stress and the detrimental effects cortisol can have on the body and brain. Cortisol is a … Continue reading

Happiness Hack

Shhh….listen. 👂 This is TOP SECRET. Look around. Is there anybody listening? Looking over your shoulder? No? Well, here goes. I know a happiness hack……… aaaand, shhh, come closer…. it’s also a hack to improved well-being. Are you sure you want to know? Really? ‘Cos once you know it you can never look back. 👀 … Continue reading

Laughter Yoga And Type 2 Diabetes

Laughter Yoga has many researched benefits. Here is a scientific study showing how laughter – and in this case they used Laughter Yoga – can help reduce glucose levels in those with type 2 diabetes.   THE INHIBITORY EFFECT OF LAUGHTER YOGA ON THE INCREASE IN POSTPRANDIAL BLOOD GLUCOSE IN TYPE 2 DIABETIC PATIENTS “CONCLUSION … Continue reading