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Laughter For Lunch?

Laughter for lunch?
Here’s some food for thought – try our latest menu where you can nourish yourself with laughter.
Some gentle smiles, thoughts of joy and laughter bubbling up inside coated in gentle giggles.
Main Course: 
Plenty of belly laughter until it spills over splashing and gripping your lunching chums. Comes with a side of playfulness, mindful breathing and chuckles and swimming in guffaws.
Or perhaps try our Ho He Ha’s wrapped in delicious playfulness with sauce of your choice served with a side of singing, dancing and contrasting heart-centred breathwork.
Soft serve meditation with a good sprinkling of calm and relaxation.
Alternative – groundnut dance.
Why not finish your lunch with our selection of hugs or handshakes.
Please note all our dishes are inhibition free and will help us to lose the burden of that ego that can sometimes weigh us down.
Connection guaranteed.
Snacking on laughter through the course of the day is most advisable.
Nutritional information:
Boosts the immune system
Lowers blood pressure
Energises us
Stimulates the lymphatic system
Lifts our mood
Helps reduce stress
Activates hopefulness
Can help relieve pain
Improves heart health
Can relieve insomnia
Plus many, many more benefits
If you would like to have a taste of this good stuff called laughter join me at the Huddersfield Lunchtime Laughter Club on September 11th at 12,30pm or visit the Yorkshire Yoga, Health And Wellbeing Show on 2nd September for a serving at 12 noon.
Warning! A diet of laughter can seriously improve your well-being and outlook on life. 



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