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How Laughter Can Help People with Multiple Sclerosis

“Researchers will look at depression, fatigue, and anxiety in the participants, as well as the perceptions their loved ones and caregivers have about these conditions.” The full article can be found here: http://www.healthline.com/health-news/laughter-can-help-wwith-multiple-sclerosis#1

Laughter For Lunch?

Laughter for lunch? Here’s some food for thought – try our latest menu where you can nourish yourself with laughter. Starters: Some gentle smiles, thoughts of joy and laughter bubbling up inside coated in gentle giggles. Main Course:  Plenty of belly laughter until it spills over splashing and gripping your lunching chums. Comes with a … Continue reading

The effect of laughter yoga exercises on anxiety and sleep quality in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease

An  interesting study on the benefits of Laughter Yoga for those living with Parkinsons disease. Among other activities which affect the quality of sleep in patients with Parkinson’s disease is respiratory disorder. One of the benefits of laughter yoga is, thus, improvement of the respiratory system. Laughter provides exercise to the lungs and chest muscles, … Continue reading

How Laughter Leads To Learning

This article discusses the use of humour in teaching and how the act of laughter produces great benefits to both student and teacher. If you consider that laughter is great at building relationships and bonding groups, promotes creativity and productivity and relieves stress as well as boosting the immune system you can see how bringing … Continue reading

Huddersfield Lunchtime Laughter Club 2017 – 2018

UPDATE as of January 2018: Huddersfield Lunchtime Laughter Club has moved to HD1 Dance in central Huddersfield. Sessions are on the second Monday of every month 12.30-1.30pm plus time for a cuppa and a chat afterwards. Cost is £5 or donation. No need to bring anything – well, probably your chuckles. It will be fun, … Continue reading