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Awakening Connection

What creates human connection?


Eye contact?




Singing with others?

At Sunshine And Laughter I feel that all of the above help to create a beautiful human to human connection.

Compassionate touch is vital to our overall well-being and human experience. Just one second of safe, compassionate touch whether it be the touch of an arm, the hold of a hand or a hug can impact our health and behaviour in remarkable ways.
It is a great way to communicate without words.
It reduces stress by lowering the levels of cortisol.
It can make us feel safe and heard (even if no words are exchanged).
The release of oxytocin during compassionate touch helps to create feelings of connection, bonding and nurtures feelings of trust.
It can help people to cope with daily stresses and life’s ups and downs.
It promotes and communicates compassion which then ripples out to family, friends, community and to the world.
Whether it’s a simple compassionate touch or a warm, close hug it is mutually beneficial.

Hugging is a beautiful exchange between 2 people – you can’t give one without receiving one.

If you’ve never participated in a Free Hug event before and feel a little nervous about putting yourself out there that is a perfectly normal reaction. We are putting ourselves out there.
There is no doubt that it gets some of us right out of our comfort zone but how you feel afterwards is amazing. To think that you may have brought some sunshine to someones day and connected when they most needed it is wonderful.
Or perhaps we enjoy just inviting people to connect through touch – that is, after all, what hugging is. Compassionate touch.
A heart-felt hug without judgement or obligations.
Hugs boost the levels of oxytocin in our bodies lowering our heart rates and cortisol levels. In addition, hugs also stimulate our brains to release dopamine – the feel-good hormone. 

Our ethos in simple – we do not approach, harass or ask people for a hug but simply be available for a hug – waiting with our signs calmly whilst offering a smile and often a greeting as people come by. This allows complete autonomy of the public. It is only on very rare occasions where we might verbally offer a hug.
We meet people where they are at both physically and emotionally. Reading and feeling people’s body language.
No words need to be spoken during the hug unless the person accepting the offer of the hug initiates it and our full attention is on that hug. And if the moment seems appropriate, when a person loosens their hug on you, stepping back from that hug and making eye contact. This is very powerful and acknowledges that person as an individual – not just a hug.
One incredible thing we notice is how hugs are contagious – just like laughter. We witness a surge of people hugging each other. It’s beautiful ♥
It’s a social bond and a simple hug connects people on such a pure level both emotionally and psychologically. A hug from the heart is a sign of support and can build bridges in communities showing that no matter what our background we all all just one race – the human race.
You never know when a stranger needs a hug the most and it may just make someones day.  Here is a short video of our Awakening Connection day


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