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Laughter Yoga Conference And Festival 2017

On Friday 9th June I headed off to the beautiful Cabourne Parva in Lincolnshire for the 2017 Laughter Yoga Conference and Festival.

The weekend was, of course, full of laughter but it was also filled with beautiful energy – the energy of people coming together to create something beautiful and magical.

At the conference I listened to speakers such as Joe Hoare, Christine McGrory – founder. author and entrepreneur of “The Key”,  Caroline Carr – founder of “Find Your Oomph”, Teigh-Anne Shave who was sharing her life experience,  Dave Spencer on Mindfulness and Madan Kataria who spoke to us all via Skype. All were inspirational and thought provoking.

The day melted into evening and the festival began! A weekend full of experiential workshops of laughter, Transformational Breathwork, Dance From The Heart, Chakra Dancing, Kindfulness, Circling (a wonderful form of mindfulness), drumming – well you catch my drift. All this interspersed with hugging and wonderful connection throughout.

The evenings were spent listening and dancing to some incredible live music and often more drumming!

I left on the Sunday with a heart full to bursting, a great sense of connection to such amazing individuals and my mind relaxed yet racing with motivation.


Signing into the Laughter Conference with Andrew Stevens and James Porteous. Photo credit Margaret Susan Thompson


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