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Celebrating International Day Of Laughter with some chuckles and play in the park.
There will be laughter yoga, playing games, sharing a hug and having a picnic.
It will be all about fun, joyfulness and spontaneous games that trigger lots of merriment and giggles, connection and our love of life!
Picnic, laugh, love, hugs, games, connection.

Come to Greenhead Park in Huddersfield on Sunday 7th May for World Laughter Day and get those chuckle muscles working and that playful spirit excited to be alive. We won’t be laughing AT each other but WITH each other. No jokes or comedy – just laughing because we can and because we are having fun and it’s good for us.
Let’s get this revolution of joy and compassion out there.
Laughter knows no colour, race, language, ability, age or culture. When we laugh together we laugh as one. We are united in our laughter and with that comes love and compassion.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring World Peace Through Laughter which is the motto of Laughter Yoga.
The event will start at around 11am until around 1pm. Bring a picnic, a willingness to laugh and let go, any ideas of fun games that will be enjoyed by all, silly hats if you have them and, if you want, wear something bright and sunny.
Incorporated in the event will be a meditation and a free hug extravaganza for all who want to participate.

A decision has been made to run this event in aid of Huddersfield Change Project. If you plan on coming to celebrate World Laughter Day with us and would like to contribute to Huddersfield Change Project here’s a little list of items that are needed. They’re currently collecting chocolate and cereal bars, instant coffee Sachets, men’s and ladies toiletries, empty rucksacks, and any small items that would be of use to someone in everyday life that lives in the streets. Alternatively you can leave a cash donation with me. All donations will be counted up with a participant on the day to verify how much has been collected. You are, of course, not obliged to contribute but anything you can donate will be much appreciated by Dave and the team at Huddersfield Change PrWLDAYPoster17oject 😁


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