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A Day With “Patch” Hunter Adams

On Tuesday I had the amazing privilege of attending a workshop with Patch Adams in London – Living A Life Of Joy.

The inspirational “Patch” Hunter Adams. A true legend who should be much more widely known for his humanitarian approach. You may have heard of him, through the film “Patch Adams” played brilliantly by Robin Williams. Though the film is obviously Hollywoodised it gives a good portrayal of Patch’s aims and character.

Despite being up at 4.30am and not home until midnight the day went far too quick.
What was the highlight of the day? ALL of it!

What was the funniest part of the day that made my abdominal muscles cramp the most? The exercise where we just wandered around laughing!
What was the most spontaneous part of the day? Mooning with Patch and other crazy laughter friends  When Patch asked it seemed rude to refuse  If I’d have known that I’d be getting my butt out in a room full of people I’d have drawn a smiley on it first! I’ll have to carry a marker around in future for those spontaneous full moon moments.
Oh and for those standing with their bare butts in front of me – I promise I didn’t look up
A day full of laughter, gratitude, joy, hugging, dancing and pulling silly faces.
At 74, Patch certainly showed us that you’re never too old for anything!
Thank you to all my laughter and clowning friends who made the day so special. My fellow joy activists. A memory etched in my brain forever. Inspiring, motivating and moving.


“I can’t imagine a prize more beautiful than a prize given for compassion,” Adams said at the ceremony. “It is a thing that could save the world.”

Below is a link to an article regarding his recent awards for his humanitarian work.


If you want to find out more about the work of Patch Adams here is a link to his website



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