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International Day Of Laughter 7th May 2017

You’re never too old to laugh and play!!
You are all invited to Greenhead Park in Huddersfield on 7th May to celebrate International Day Of Laughter.
Come with your heart and body full of playfulness and we’ll experience the fun as it unfolds.
And if you’ve never experienced Laughter Yoga before you’ll experience the power in your giggles and guffaws and re-discover your inner joy and the art of letting go.
We can make an afternoon of it with fun, games, hugs, connection and a picnic too.

We all know that laughing and hugging feel great but not many understand why or how these simple but powerful tools can improve our well-being. Playfulness and letting go can be a real struggle for some people but can also be a real catalyst for personal change and transformation.

Laughter can also be a positive catalyst for bringing peace to the world for when we are laughing we are not fighting.

Whether you are left with a feeling of joy or just deep contentment after the laughter you will still have the pleasure of witnessing it’s effects on others as how you feel has a ripple effect through family, friends and community.

And they do say laughter is contagious!……._AOP3935


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