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Why Laugh Intentionally?

Some responses we might get as laughter professionals (laughter professionals hehe – that makes me laugh every time ) are –
“I’ll just pop a funny dvd on instead”
“I laugh a lot already”
“it all seems a bit forced”
which are all valid responses.
As a Laughter Yoga Leader/Teacher/Therapist we are guiding you to find your inner joy and peace without the need for external influences so it’s on tap whenever you need it most. Laughing for absolutely no reason is so absurd it makes us laugh and the benefits can be transformational.
On a personal level I have found laughter to be exactly that – transformational. From my previous work of looking after families in children’s hospices to my own personal experiences which left me with little to no self-esteem I realised that for me laughter was the key. The key to unlocking all sorts of wonderful benefits. It’s not about forcing laughter but opening yourself and your heart up to being joyful, playful and to your natural laughter.

When you have come from a dark place in your life maybe due to illness or events or maybe have a connection to a family member or a friend who has been in that dark place or perhaps your work involves circumstances that most people would find just too difficult then it is not unusual to have that defining moment or realisation and not necessarily a light-bulb moment but a gradual process that we need to find joy in whatever and wherever we can and laugh just because we can and for no other reason than that – rebelling against any negativity that surrounds us.

We know laughter makes us feel great and to laugh first thing in the morning sets you up for the day. Laugh whilst you drive. Laugh whilst you vacuum. Laugh whilst you shower or look in the mirror. Laugh whilst you do that silly walk or skip and dance. Laughter is truly magical and brings real connection to both your inner self and others and relieves sooo much stress. It’s time to play with laughter and see where it takes you.
And we are not joyful (and don’t expect others to be) all the time. All of ouimagesr emotions are valid and important – we just need to find a balance sometimes.
On a side note – I feel an anonymous questionnaire coming on looking at what brings Laughter Professionals to the world of laughter. Hmmm….


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