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Opening our hearts and minds

Time is a human construct so let’s us all wake up every morning as if it is a new year, a new beginning.
May we open our hearts to more love, kindness, compassion, joy, hugs, laughter, really listening to others – more than just hearing, looking out for each other – not just friends and family but the whole human race, offering peace to all.
May we open our minds to nature, learning new things, exploring and taking care of the world around us, being creative, exploring our own inner thoughts and feelings, tolerance, smiling at strangers, reading, dancing, listening to music and each other, the beauty and awesomeness of all living sentient beings.
May we be open to trying new experiences, change, opportunity, spontaneity.
May we open ourselves up to all emotions and use them to help us grow and become a better self and help others.
May we be open to asking for and accepting help when we need it.
May we nourish ourselves with all things good and for the good of all.
One race. Unity. Peace. Love. Life.
Wishing you all happy days of caring and sharing.


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