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“Laugh It Off” Article

A wonderful article appeared in the Spruce Grove Examiner in Alberta, Canada yesterday. It follows Noel Cairney, an applied and therapeutic laughter coach and Laughter Yoga Teacher, on her discovery of the benefits of Laughter and how she now shares those skills in her own classes. “If you believe you’re the happiest person in the room, … Continue reading

Laughter In Infancy

A fascinating article by Gina Mireault, a professor of psychology at Johnson State College in Vermont about laughter in infancy. Did you know that babies who are deaf or blind laugh and smile at the same milestones as their peers? Amazing isn’t it? Here is an excerpt from the article but please take the time to read the … Continue reading

“Mirthful Laughter,” Coupled With Standard Diabetic Treatment, Raises Good Cholesterol And May Lower Heart Attack Risk

This is an interesting study in the American Physiological Society looking at how mirthful laughter affects diabetes, good cholesterol and heart attack risk.. The full research paper can be found here:http://www.the-aps.org/mm/hp/Audiences/Public-Press/Archive/09/13.html “The study suggests that the addition of an adjunct therapeutic  mirthful laughter Rx (a potential modulator of positive mood state) to standard diabetes care … Continue reading

Coming Soon & Comic Relief Laughter

Open community Laughter Workshops coming soon in Uppermill, Leeds and a special Comic Relief Laughter in Huddersfield. Or maybe you would like me to come to your organisation to help raise funds for Comic Relief? Watch this space for more details……

The Magic Of Laughter

There’s something truly magical about laughter. It changes your breathing, your playfulness, puts you very much in the here and now and changes your body chemistry. It illicits a connection and unity with others that words cannot explain – you become family. Most of all it changes you. It changes your mindset. And all the … Continue reading

Laughter Yoga In The Jamaica Observer

Excerpt: “Researchers have studied laughter’s effects on the body and discovered interesting information on how it affects us. We change physiologically when we laugh. We stretch muscles throughout our face and body, our pulse and blood pressure increase and we breathe faster, sending more oxygen to our tissues. RELAXATION AND SLEEP The focus on the … Continue reading

Benefits of Laughter Yoga for stroke patients

“With limited resources and challenges facing health practitioners working with stroke patients, more creative and innovative interventions are required. Although it is normally only considered cliché that “laughter is the best medicine,” specific medical theories and documented research attribute improved health and well-being to laughter. This study examined the biopsychosocial impact of laughter yoga and … Continue reading

‘How I (re)learned to laugh’ – Article

Never done Laughter Yoga before and wondering what it’s like? This is a great read. Robyn shares her experience of having a private one to one session with Lotte Mikkelsen. =D “I can’t remember the last time I had a really good laugh. You know, the kind of unbridled, cry-laughing where your knees buckle and you … Continue reading

Breathe Happy Cafe With Laughter!

This Saturday 7th January I will be running a taster Laughter Yoga session at Huddersfield’s Happy Cafe at the Jubilee centre in Paddock. The cafe is open from 10 – 12 noon and the laughter will begin around 11ish and last for around 30-40 minutes. Please arrive and have a cuppa and a piece of … Continue reading

Why Laugh Intentionally?

Some responses we might get as laughter professionals (laughter professionals hehe – that makes me laugh every time ) are – “I’ll just pop a funny dvd on instead” “I laugh a lot already” “it all seems a bit forced” which are all valid responses. As a Laughter Yoga Leader/Teacher/Therapist we are guiding you to … Continue reading