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Christmas Greetings

May your holidays be happy days Full of love, hugs, peace and laughter And may each coming day bring joy and play your way in the years to follow after. Thank you for your continued support and sharing your laughter. Magical wishes and love from Sunshine And Laughter  

Laughter Yoga For Health, Happiness and Hope

Article:Saved By Laughter in executive-women.com

This is a great article on how Laughter Yoga helped this once professional performer overcome some of life’s challenges and go on to become a motivational speaker on happiness through the power of laughter. We should never underestimate the power of laughter and the importance of laughing unconditionally every day. Why unconditionally? Because we cannot … Continue reading

Nourish and nurture your inner and outer well-being with Lunchtime Laughter

HURRY. HURRY!!! Don’t forget to RSVP for Mondays last Lunchtime Laughter of 2016 at Huddersfield Mission 12.30-1.30. This session will come with a hint of Christmas so if you feel like wearing a Christmas hat or jumper or maybe something jingly please feel free. Our Lunchtime Laughter is nourishing and (ful)filling, is a great antidote … Continue reading

Social laughter is correlated with an elevated pain threshold

” Abstract Although laughter forms an important part of human non-verbal communication, it has received rather less attention than it deserves in both the experimental and the observational literatures. Relaxed social (Duchenne) laughter is associated with feelings of wellbeing and heightened affect, a proximate explanation for which might be the release of endorphins. We tested … Continue reading