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A Laughter Poem

A laughter poem for today and every day

I love to laugh throughout the day
Being silly with joy and play
For do you know what laughter brings
My body feels great and my soul it sings

With chuckling and chortling and giggling some more
My belly laughs are starting to roar
Endorphins racing through my veins
Help to relieve and ease my pains

Oxytocin and serotonin is also induced
My immune system is getting a boost
Knowing laughter eases anxiety and fear
My laughter trigger is always held near

Increasing oxygen to my body and brain
Nothing to lose and lots to gain
My energy increases, my cheeks are aglow
The calming of stress is beginning to show

My mindset is changed, I’ve become more resilient
Well wouldn’t you know, isn’t that just brilliant
Other people may think I am crazy and bats
But I dont mind, as it leaves me chilled and relaxed
by Nancy Nudds


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