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How Stress Affects The Brain

A great video on how stress affects our brain.
Laughter, exercise and meditation can all help relieve stress with short term and long term benefits.
Laughter actually induces physical and psychological changes in the body and brain.
Laughter reduces cortisol levels whilst increasing levels of endorphins, oxytocin, dopamin and serotonin.
Of course, laughter doesn’t take away the root cause of the stress or problems but a good dose of laughter can really put you in the moment – temporarily distracting and thus momentarily alleviating stress.
Laughter can also give us the tools for being creating in how we cope and deal with stresses and make us more resilient.
On a physical level a good blast of laughter fires up your stress response, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure before finally dropping as the laughter subsides leaving you relaxed yet energised. The relaxation following laughter can be great at relieving muscular tension caused by stress too.


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