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Happy Thoughts Happy Brain Happy Life

Our bodies are completely amazing. Did you know that we can change our brain chemistry through our thoughts and actions? Every thought releases brain chemicals By simply using laughter – whether you feel like laughing or not and practising positive thinking and gratitude daily we can alter our mindset and improve our psychological and emotional … Continue reading

Laughter And Play Keeps Our Brains Young

At a Laughter Yoga session there’s a great deal of playfulness and there’s a reason for this. As well as the tidal wave of neurochemicals that are unleashed into our bodies, every time we laugh and play, we are developing neural pathways. With the movement, play and laughter we are firing neurons and creating an … Continue reading

Breathe Cafe – Happy Cafe!

Great news for Huddersfield and West Yorkshire! Breathe Cafe is the first Happy Cafe in association with Action Happiness in the area and will be opening on Saturday 5th November 10am – 12 noon. The cafe will be open on the first Saturday of the month and will run a different activity promoting well-being and … Continue reading

A Laughter Poem

A laughter poem for today and every day Laughter. I love to laugh throughout the day Being silly with joy and play For do you know what laughter brings My body feels great and my soul it sings With chuckling and chortling and giggling some more My belly laughs are starting to roar Endorphins racing … Continue reading

Using Laughter As A Tool To Overcome Social Anxiety

Using Laughter As A Tool To Overcome Social Anxiety “At the Social Anxiety Institute, we recognize the benefits of laughter (i.e., sense of humor and comedy) to overcoming social anxiety. The inclusion of laughter in the therapy group is very helpful, and the knowledge that there are laughter clubs throughout the world can serve as … Continue reading

The Power Of Laughter In The Workplace

THINK HUMOUR’S GOT NO PLACE IN A CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT? YOU’RE HAVING A LAUGH, SAYS SIOBHAN HAMMOND OF CREATIVE AGENCY BERGHIND JOSEPH. by Siobhan Hammond “When we embark on our voyage into adulthood and become working men and women, laughter and play become less important. It’s as though, as soon as we pass the threshold of … Continue reading

Huddersfield Laughter Club!

Don’t have a working lunch – have a laughing lunch!  Re-energise yourself, relieve any stress, boost your productivity and creativity with a good dose of belly laughter.

How Laughter Boosts The Lymphatic System

http://lymphaticmassagenyc.com/node/123 “The field of lymphology is still in its infancy in the USA and New York, but this is not true in Europe. Biophysical studies there have shown that belly laughter accomplishes the diaphragmatic breathing necessary (diaphragm fluttering up and down at a very quick rate) to create a strong negative pressure within the thoracic … Continue reading

How Stress Affects The Brain

A great video on how stress affects our brain. Laughter, exercise and meditation can all help relieve stress with short term and long term benefits. Laughter actually induces physical and psychological changes in the body and brain. Laughter reduces cortisol levels whilst increasing levels of endorphins, oxytocin, dopamin and serotonin. Of course, laughter doesn’t take … Continue reading

Huddersfield Laughter Club bringing people together

“A wave of Laughter Yoga workshops are now taking place all over the United Kingdom, including in Huddersfield. Originating from India, this unique concept of laughing without any reason is helping to bring more laughter and joy into the lives of people. As laughter is a universal language that knows no barriers, it brings people … Continue reading