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How Laughter Therapy Can Benefit Those In Care Homes And Facilities For The Elderly.

I have seen first-hand how much laughter within facilities for the elderly can make such a positive impact on the well-being of residents. The atmosphere very quickly becomes lighter. the residents more relaxed and communicative and MUCH more playful. It really connects and brings out the best in them. Laughter therapy could lead to reduced … Continue reading

Stress, cortisol and laughter.

Cortisol is essential for our overall health but with the stressful times we live in our bodies can have a cortisol overload which can be detrimental to our well-being. Stress is inevitable and some stress can even be beneficial enabling us to cope with life’s challenges. Our bodies are amazing self healers from wounds to … Continue reading

Laughter As A Complementary Therapy

“Laughter in and of itself cannot cure cancer nor prevent cancer, but laughter as part of the full range of positive emotions including hope, love, faith, strong will to live, determination and purpose, can be a significant and indispensable aspect of the total fight for recovery.” -Harold H. Benjamin, PhD From Humor Your Tumor (April, … Continue reading

Huddersfield Lunchtime Laughter Project

Next date for your diary is Monday 1st August 12.30 – 1.30pm at Huddersfield Mission on Lord Street. Everyone is welcome to come and experience Laughter Yoga and the 4 elements of joy – laughter, play, singing and dancing at this friendly Laughter Club. Lots of giggling, guffawing, chuckling and some good ol’ belly laughter … Continue reading

Today’s Laughter In The Park

This morning was my first Laughter In The Park event in Huddersfield and what a treat it was to laugh with such amazing people. The rain held off and the sun even made an appearance for the guided mediation. One of the participants was a young lady called Holly and she has written a blog … Continue reading

Recent Laughter Workshop Feedback

Here is some wonderful feedback from a recent Laughter Workshop that I facilitated. “I just want to say a big thank you for the laughter yoga session you held yesterday for my service. I am truly gutted I couldn’t attend as I have heard so much about it. All the staff through it was brilliant … Continue reading

Laughter In The Park Huddersfield

You are all invited to join me, Nancy, from Sunshine And Laughter for some Laughter In The Park! =D Come and join me for some Laughter Yoga on Tuesday 26th July 11-12 noon in Greenhead Park, Huddersfield. Laughter is not only great for our well-being but is fantastic at bringing people together from all areas … Continue reading


“Between play, skip around the room clapping and chanting merry little mantras (those ‘ho-ho-ha-ha-ha’s and ‘very good’s). Eventually, you will shake with REAL laughter, and, as a result, feel and look fantastic, your blood pumping like billy-o and your brain’s Happy Chemicals doing a conga through your synapses.” “Speaking of science, studies suggest that laughter … Continue reading