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Interview With A Student Journalist

Yesterday I met up with student journalist Heather McWilliams in a Manchester cafe to take part in an interview about Laughter Yoga as part of her Journalism Degree at Nottingham Trent University. Though I’d never met Heather before I found her to be very easy going, approachable and she gave a relaxed interview which was … Continue reading

How Laughter Works

Laughter Yoga in Huddersfield – Article In The Huddersfield Examiner

Written by Chloe Glover. “It is said that laughter is the best medicine. So perhaps it is no surprise that a wave of laughter yoga workshops are now taking place all over the UK, including in Huddersfield. Originating from India, the quirky practise is bringing people of all ages and shapes and sizes together with … Continue reading

Be Generous, Do for Others: You’ll Be Happier

“Will acts of kindness and generosity make us happier? Do heart-directed altruistic acts depend on the sincere intention behind them? Wh en we act on behalf of other people, research shows we feel better and experience less stress. Dr. J. Andrew Armour, a leading neuro¬cardiologist on HeartMath Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board, has found the heart contains … Continue reading

Sunshine And Laughter in the Huddersfield Examiner


Wellness Through Laughter in Ashton

Lift your mood and de-stress with this Laughter Workshop at the Seraphina Centre in Ashton-Under-Lyne. Combining laughter and breathing exercises to bring wonderful benefits to our physical and psychological well being. A chance to liberate your laughter, feel energised yet relaxed. £4.50 per person. Concessions available. No experience or booking required – just a willingness … Continue reading

The Lunchtime Laughter Project

Take time out of your day to join us at Huddersfield Lunchtime Laughter Club. Do you get stressed at work or maybe you live alone or are a carer. Do you have a condition that might benefit from having more laughter in your life such as depression, MS, PTSD, CFS or maybe you’re looking for … Continue reading

Laughter And Serotonin

One of the neurochemicals we get a boost of when we laugh is serotonin which acts as a neurotransmitter that has been identified as playing a major role in depression and anxiety though it is not fully understood. Serotonin is found mainly in the brain, central nervous system, blood platelets and bowels and studies have … Continue reading