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Laughing Through Fear

When I awoke this morning to the news of the dreadful events in Paris last night I was horrified and my heart went out to them.
Well, holy crap! How can I possibly follow that with a Laughter Workshop due in Holmfirth today?
After much contemplation I decided this was how. It is not because of a lack of sensitivity or respect but an act of defiance. Terrorists must not and will not break our spirits.
It may seem strange to laugh when such atrocities are happening in the world. But through laughter we can build better relationships, stronger friendships and communities. Spreading love and kindness instead of fear. Laughter builds love, friendships, helps us to heal and is a great emotional release too. The world must not let terrorists break them by spreading fear. We must rise above it by spreading positivity, love and kindness – not negativity. Loving and compassionate people don’t just outnumber the people who spread terror and fear – we love, hug and laugh louder too.
Fear breeds fear.
Hate breeds hate.
Love breeds love.
Compassion breeds compassion.
Kindness breeds kindness.
I feel todays laughter session will be different. We’ll maybe hug for a little bit longer, connect more, laugh louder and meditate deeper. And after… we will love more.
Nancy x


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