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Laughter As Medicine


Wellness Through Laughter Workshop

Wellness Through Laughter – Saturday 31st October 2 – 3pm at the Parish Centre, Uppermill. Come and get your giggle on with this fantastically, fun workshop where you can explore the health and healing benefits of Laughter. We will be combining laughter exercises with yogic breathing as an empowering way of learning to cultivate our … Continue reading

Laughter and Connecting With Others

When we laugh we connect with each other. Do you know that we are 30x more likely to laugh with others than if we are alone? When we do Laughter Yoga we really connect with each other within the group – even if we’ve just met. Laughter creates a positive energy and environment which enables … Continue reading

Kelsey Miller eloquently describes her first and subsequent experiences of Laughter Yoga.

http://www.refinery29.com/2014/08/73076/laughter-yoga#page-1 The first 15 minutes of a Laughter Yoga class are rough. Imagine yourself in a room with four adult strangers, looking each other in the face and pretending to laugh. Then, you have to talk about your problems together — but you have to do it in gibberish. Meanwhile, the entire time, you’re swinging … Continue reading