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The Endorphin Effect with Laughter Yoga

Learning to cultivate our own unconditional laughter triggers the endorphin effect which gives enormous benefits to our physiological and psychological well being. Endorphins are naturally produced biochemicals similar to opium and it’s derivatives but without the damaging effects these bring.
1. It can help us to manage our stress
2. It energises us, creates feelings of well being and pleasure
3. It boosts our immune system
4.Anaesthetises pain.
5. Help to heal our bodies
6.Can help you to experience a spiritual connection with nature and the universe.
All these benefits together can improve our creativity, efficiency and performance at whatever we do and the laughter yoga builds on our reslience to whatever life throws at us, providing a coping mechanism and enables us to connect with our friends, family and the wider community better.

Come along and try a Laughter Yoga session.


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